I will be entering three images into the 2013 Arts of the Terrace juried art show. I picked out some of my favorite images from this year, but I need your help to narrow it down.

Please help me CHOOSE by commenting below (or on my Facebook page) with your top THREE FAVORITES.

Deadline is fast approaching. This is a show that I enter every year with my father, so it’s a fun one.

Thank you for you help Love you guys!

- Brooke

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5 thoughts on “HELP ME CHOOSE!

  1. Thank you to everyone who voted on Facebook and on my blog, as well as by email! At this point, I am definitely entering #1 and #3. Now I’m debating between #6 or #2 / #5… I think the judging panel would most appreciate #6, but flowers have never won before… and lots of people enter flower photos… and personally, as an artist, I am most drawn to #2 and #5 as they reflect my style more accurately, but they would be a risk… so, I’m trying to decide if I will have my third entry #6 or take a chance on either #2 or #5!

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